About The Writer

Joanna Lynn Ong is the author of this blog. She is a fervent and torrid lover of the written word; she dislikes it when people use it to write bullshit (keep it real, yo. I’m looking at you anti-vaxxers) and not a lot pisses her off more than plagiarism. She’s a mother to her beautiful baby girl, a partner to the love of her life, a running enthusiast, really likes photography, is addicted to stand-up comedy and riveting television series, and aims to always chase after her passions. She also has an affinity for lemon flavored popsicles. Which are real things and are just the right balance of sour and sweet. And in a perfect world it will be available in the Philippines. You may find that she posts some of her photographs and a few of her two cents’ worth.

<postcript> You can follow her on Twitter handle @SuperLemonada. She currently lives in Taguig City, Philippines. </postscript>


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