The Summer I Got Summer

This is Summer. My cat.


Seen here telling me to do a better job of raising him, the wise ass.

I got him when he was smaller than this. And yes, he was still breastfeeding.

IMG_1463I actually didn’t have any plans of getting a cat since-

And just like a cat, he just distracted me right now by typing random characters on the keyboard and showing me his butt. We have three dogs and we didn’t actually know how they’ll react to seeing a kitten.

The fateful summers day we met, was the day I was starting on my new job three months ago. I was jogging and I heard a pitiful meow. Looking down, I saw this thin, dirty and shakily walking kitten determinedly trying to get to the road and I believe, attempt to cross it. I picked up the poor mite and tried to look for its litter mates. Finding none, I decided to leave it on the sidewalk and jog on. However, something stopped me from leaving and good thing too, because I turned around and saw the kitten about to be crushed by an oncoming truck!

I stopped the truck, picked up the kitten and brought it home. I looked into its eyes and couldn’t bear to leave it there! Knowing that the kitten was still breastfeeding, I took some milk from the fridge, heated some milk, and left it for the kitten.

The kitten cannot drink and nearly drowned!

I cleaned the kitten up and did some research on the web. My kitten was around two to three weeks old and needs to breastfeed on milk without lactose, as cats are lactose intolerant.

I called the CARA hotline and got a helpful lady who told me that I should buy pet’s milk from a Pet Express. After work I hurried to the store and bought the cat’s milk. I used a syringe to feed the starving kitten. I was worried it wouldn’t make the night but the kitten was energetic and a lot less shaky the next day.

I told my family that the situation wasn’t permanent. I didn’t want to look after the cat as well, even if I liked the idea. I told them that I will be handing it over to an organization. I called CARA again and I asked if they were willing to take the kitten off my hands. They said that they were so full up, the only accept emergency cases. I called PAWS and it was the same story: both wanted me to adopt the kitten instead.

My brother told me not to name the kitten; when you name a pet, you become attached to it. After two weeks, I gave up. Nameless, he has stolen my heart. And he became Summer. I named him after Bran Stark’s direwolf in A Song of Ice and Fire.

He has been lovingly terrorizing me ever since.

I am not going to fill this post with a lot of cliched BS about how cathartic it is to encounter the pure wonder of owning a pet. Owning a pet is a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of scratches, a lot of research and a lot of money. However, I feel happy whenever I remember that I, a simple, ordinary human being, have saved a life.

Summer makes me laugh everyday, and nothing can give loving cuddles like a cat. Also turns out, my dogs were cool with cats.

There are a lot of strays out in the street, and in the care of organizations who are at full capacity. Please give a loving pet a loving home. Contact PAWS here and CARA here.

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3 thoughts on “The Summer I Got Summer

  1. There is a stray here that well, has adopted me. I have been pretty much housebound due to some health issues, a concussion, and she has been my therapist. Cats give love and affection because they want to and are honest about it. It’s something you don’t always get from people or other animals. I needed something like that and she just showed up. I was never a cat person before, but she stole me.

      • Well, I’m not very original so I have stayed with Kitty, since that is what she heard me call her when we first met. It would be either that or Food. I thought Kitty was a little more appropriate, although she answers to Pretty Girl as well. I shall hide now. We Macho Men aren’t supposed to admit telling little fluffy cats they are pretty and that they have eyes of jade.

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