Am I Supposed to Pretend This Is Good Coffee?

I went into a popular coffee shop yesterday, you know, one of the many coffee brands that seem to have a shop everywhere. I needed to get lunch and I had to wait for something. I was also lacking sleep and having one of the worst migraines ever in the history of my life. And yes that is hyperbole.

So I decided that I would love some coffee.

I went to the counter and waited on a long line to order. When my turn came, the cheerful barista asked for what I wanted. I asked for a cup of brewed coffee and a cinnamon roll please, because I’m a whore for cinnamon. The happy barista said, “I’d like to brew a fresh pot for you instead. Would it be ok for you to wait for around 5 minutes?” Delighted, I said, “Sure! I’d love that!”

So I took my cinnamon roll, grabbed the day’s headlines from my favorite newspaper from the rack and went to a table to wait for my coffee.

After ten minutes of waiting I went to the claiming counter (is that what it’s called?) and asked for my coffee. The barista said, “Oh, yours is the brewed coffee right? It’ll be with you shortly.” *smile*

A few minutes later the barista went to my table and delivered my coffee. I smiled, said thank you, and proceeded to eat. I added two sugar packets, stirred carefully and sipped. I made a face. I didn’t like it.

A guy who was seated on a table facing me was frowning at me like I was crazy that I didn’t like it.

And I thought, “Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s freshly brewed. Yes, people do claim to like it. But am I supposed to pretend this is good coffee?”


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