Recto Without Classes

Recto is a street in Manila, Philippines where part of the University Belt lies. The University Belt is a (for a lack of a better word) belt of prestigious universities in Manila that are near each other. Regular days see it heavily trafficked by students, beggars, peddlers, pickpockets, hold-uppers and the worst, corrupt policemen.

I have this thought that everything in Recto is designed for education. What seems like irony because of its dangerous, morally ambiguous to downright depraved areas being so near impressionable teenagers makes perfect sense once you mull it over. Cultural hunger games.

These were taken on January 3, 2013. I went to CEU to try to get claim my Transcript of Records, and it turns out the offices also closed until classes begun. More than five years of working have made me a stranger to my alma mater’s habits. Nevertheless it gave me the chance to test the camera of my newly-acquired Blackberry Storm2 9550.

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