Sample Copy!

[I have never made a copy in my life.]

This task was asked of me by a company looking for a copywriter when I applied:

If you were to create a print ad selling one of your passions like you were selling a product, how would you present the ad? Provide the copy and explain the visual elements of the ad.

Subject/Passion: PHOTOGRAPHY

Photography is the poor man’s art. Its best work fascinates and allows eyes to feast; and yet it is one of the most inclusive art forms. With the advent of the digital media anyone can try to make what is the simplest and one of the hardest of art. The difficult yet alluring challenge for a photographer is producing something that rises above the deluge of photographs produced by a multitude of photography enthusiasts around the world.

In order to best feature photography as a product, there will be three print ads for the campaign. The overall design theme of the prints is minimalistic lines in muted or dark colors that serve to highlight the amazing images in the ad. The font/s used for the ad should be sans serif. No other words should be in the ads except for the “Photography” product logo and the taglines.



A photographer can find innate beauty in the most mundane. That is his bidding and his art. What people love about good photographs are the fresh perspectives, the pull on their imagination and make them wonder.

The print ad will cover two pages and will feature two shots; the first photo on the first page is of ants eating fruit on the ground. The second is a macro shot of one of the ants. The macro shot should have remarkable focus and vivid colors.

For billboard and other big prints only the macro shot will be featured.


2nd Tagline: LET THEM SEE.

For a photographer, it is not enough that you see your vision: you have to show the world. Make sure they see what you consider relevant, beautiful and in that process, they also see who you are as an artist.

There are several photo ideas for this ad. The ad could feature a striking photo of a social issue such as children suffering poverty but are happily diving in dirty rivers or exotic subject such as a portrait of an indigenous tribesman or beautiful landscape of an exotic place. This ad tells the viewer that photography shows you images everyone should see.


3rd Tagline: INTERCEPT TIME.

For all intents and purposes photography is at its most basic the capturing of a moment. Times pass and a photograph is the only proof that what happened existed. I think that cameras are the very first time machines! Sure, you may not be able to bring people back to let them see the moment as it passed, but through photography you let them experience it at some level.

The photo in this ad will highlight photography’s power of freezing moments in time. Examples are of such photos as made using very fast shutter speeds. A kid whose bubble gum is in the middle of bursting, or perhaps a grandma being happily surprised of her grandchildren throwing her a surprise birthday party.


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