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Fire is cleansing. It is pure energy that is elegance personified. Aggressive yet dainty, in full fury whenever you give it too much to eat.

I like to burn things whenever a part of my life ends. I have to admit that I am quite the little pyromaniac. So far however I can only be accused of arson against my own belongings.

A significant parting is always somehow an effort. No matter how much you desire for the separation it seems to drench you, sap your energy until you feel your exhaustion exceeding yet not overcoming your emotions in surplus. Only after everything has diminished and your bearings start to dry can you slowly stand up and aim again for warmth and happiness.

I chose this parting after the slap of betrayal and depreciation. Coming to the realization that I was being played for a fool; empty promises were abused and achievements were forgotten.

A fire outside of concept and in reality can only affect my perception.

I burned my hurt and anger. Three boxes full.


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