Mobile Phone Camera Challenge: Avenida

I went to Rizal Avenue in “Old” Manila today, and as I was entering the LRT station I noticed the old building next to it. Seeing the beautiful detailed architecture lets me ponder of the time when it was one of the princesses that lined the street commonly known as “Avenida” during its heyday.

Avenida, along with Escolta, was one of the main business and social locations in Manila during the American Colonial Era and right after World War 2. The buildings that held shops and theaters were all designed by the top architects and national artists of the time, vying for structural supremacy.

Now, the area is commonly associated with cheap wares, cheap motels, prostitutes and heavy traffic. It is such a waste to see what is a significant part of Manila history be neglected. The building I shot is one of the few old buildings left. I am very saddened that we as Filipinos do not know how to preserve our heritage.

My current mobile is the Samsung Omnia Pro B7320. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera.

The small stores at ground level.

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[P.S. A little product review: the camera is OK for shooting with lots of light meaning it shoots crappy photos in low light, no macro option, slow shutter speed, has auto focus, hinky colors for auto white balance specially for indoor tungsten lighting, up to 400 ISO, no facial recognition but it does have editing options and a few usable filters.]


I drew Bane!

You can’t stop me from drawing! Which is why I drew Bane yesterday:

Yes, I will shove my perceived creativity in your face!

To real artists who do not need to “perceive” their talent, if the proportions seem hinky I have no formal training in drawing, please feel free to disavow me. And why I chose the term disavow is because I want to feel like Ethan Hunt.

Next I’m gonna draw flying unicorns with machine guns!

P.S. To those who can’t speak Filipino, “yay natapos ko!” means “yay I finished it!”. Yay!

50mm Challenge: Paper Boat

It has been raining non-stop since yesterday afternoon. I’m unable to go out of the house to shoot since the rain has never let up in my location. Jealous of my photographer friends on Facebook who are posting their pictures of the devastating floods affecting our kababayans around the Metro, I made a paper boat and took pictures. I was able to take only a few since water splashes on my camera, and this is the only shot that I liked. I am lucky; I’m safe, sound and dry and the only thing I can complain about is that I can’t shoot outside.

This monsoon (it’s not a typhoon, but it seems determined to prove that it doesn’t have to be) has turned out to make one of the most devastating floods in recent history for Metro Manila in the Philippines. Water levels has surpassed that of Typhoon Ondoy, which has been hailed the largest calamity in Manila since World War 2. Many are stranded on rooftops, who are in relocation centers without food and dry clothes. Let’s help those who have lost their homes to floods, please donate to the Philippine Red Cross, ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya, and other foundations who are accepting donations.

Let’s pray for everyone’s safety!

50mm Challenge: Wet Market

Today is all grey-cast skies and sporadic rains. Nothing like shaking your fist at the sky and defying the weather. Darn you mother nature, you don’t tell me when to shoot!

[Thank God I was able to run for cover when mother nature gave me her reply.]

For landscape shots please click the photo if you want to enlarge.

Location: Muñoz Market in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Fire is cleansing. It is pure energy that is elegance personified. Aggressive yet dainty, in full fury whenever you give it too much to eat.

I like to burn things whenever a part of my life ends. I have to admit that I am quite the little pyromaniac. So far however I can only be accused of arson against my own belongings.

A significant parting is always somehow an effort. No matter how much you desire for the separation it seems to drench you, sap your energy until you feel your exhaustion exceeding yet not overcoming your emotions in surplus. Only after everything has diminished and your bearings start to dry can you slowly stand up and aim again for warmth and happiness.

I chose this parting after the slap of betrayal and depreciation. Coming to the realization that I was being played for a fool; empty promises were abused and achievements were forgotten.

A fire outside of concept and in reality can only affect my perception.

I burned my hurt and anger. Three boxes full.