The Cute? You Can’t Handle The Cute!

We recently got a new Aspin puppy, and we named him Asiong after Asiong Salonga, ang Hari ng Tondo (The King of Tondo*). He is a very energetic, curious little puppy who loves to go around and sniff at things (a traveler, my kind of dog), and he is the size of a guinea pig!

I came home from a long day, and he took away all the negative residue with his antics. God truly uses all of His creatures for His own purposes.

I used my Nikkor 50mm prime lens for the shots, and since I can’t use the built-in camera flash (for the puppy’s eyes sake) the second picture is grainy due to high ISO. Also the second picture is a dud on my part since I didn’t wear my glasses and just guessed the correct focus, which wasn’t right. I’m including it because he is so cute there I could die.

Warning: doggie too cute to resist!

*To those who are not from the Philippines, Tondo is a district within Manila and doesn’t really have a monarchy. Asiong Salonga can be found here.


5 thoughts on “The Cute? You Can’t Handle The Cute!

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