Scotch Bottle Genie

This was a big surprise for me yesterday. The photo below is the Popular Votes pick for Digital Photography Plus’ monthly photo challenge for July. I didn’t win anything, just bragging rights. To those who voted for my entry, thank you very, very much. I am very honored. I aim to be better at photography and I hope that you enjoy more of my work in the future.

I took the shot by leaning a rectangular mirror which is almost the same size as the body of the bottle and set my Nikkor 50mm to F1.8. My shutter speed was 1/15 to compensate for my ISO which was just at 800 since I didn’t want the pic to be grainy. Then it was just a matter of angling and posturing for the best possible shot. No other contrived lights were used except my room’s not-so-effective-for-photography overhead one. I must have taken at least 20 shots to get this, but it was worth it. 🙂

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