Yes I’m Not Good at Drawing & No I Don’t Take Drugs

I felt that I needed to do something creative today. You know, for my spirit and well being and all that so I drew something on a spare plain gray shirt:

I like drawing doodles. I’m not good; my cousin recently mistook my drawing of a rocket-powered lemon to be rocket-powered sperm, (it’s a black and white drawing. eww.) but I’m not letting that stop me from polluting your interwebs with my “creativity”.

To those who didn’t get my drawing (I am told that it’s the same with a lot of my drawings) it’s a cinco de mayo candy that’s flying with piรฑata wings. Trust me it makes sense.

I used to paint things on my plain shirts using textile paint some years back. The only thing I had to draw now is a blue Pilot permanent marker, which I can be seen eating here (hey it’s near lunch and I was hungry, who cares if permanent marker ink is poisonous):

I had fun, and at the end of the day it all boils down to that and sense of achievement. I’m not saying I achieved anything by doing this, but I do have a shirt with my own drawing on it. Can everyone say that? Hey, hello? Pay attention to me, dammit! Pay attention to meeeeee

Note: This is a delayed posting for the Thrice Weekly Project. I couldn’t seem to finish a draft post to my liking. ๐Ÿ™‚


The Thrice Weekly Project

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have recently resigned from my job and I realized that I have a chance to start fresh and begin something new. My train of thought led me to thinking about what my passion is, what I would gladly do for the rest of my life. And writing is my first love. Ever since I was a little girl I would think of stories and live them in my imagination, just sit on the window sill in our old house in Manila and writing them down in my “secret” notebook.

However, my talent in writing fails to impress me. (I can’t say for others as I can’t read minds: please do feel free to leave constructive criticisms in the comments, which are very welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ ) As Dean Karnazes said, “There’s no struggle in our lives; no sense of adventure.” So starting today, to get better I will be writing a blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For lack of imagination I am calling it the Thrice Weekly Project.

And it shouldn’t just be something shoddy: it should be relevant, it should make sense and it should be INTERESTING. It can be an essay or my dream genre: fiction. I say dream genre because I have wanted to write my own fiction novels since I read my first one when I was twelve.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the harbor. Cast the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark F***ing Twain

Keeping my dream alive! *fist in the air*

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The Cute? You Can’t Handle The Cute!

We recently got a new Aspin puppy, and we named him Asiong after Asiong Salonga, ang Hari ng Tondo (The King of Tondo*). He is a very energetic, curious little puppy who loves to go around and sniff at things (a traveler, my kind of dog), and he is the size of a guinea pig!

I came home from a long day, and he took away all the negative residue with his antics. God truly uses all of His creatures for His own purposes.

I used my Nikkor 50mm prime lens for the shots, and since I can’t use the built-in camera flash (for the puppy’s eyes sake) the second picture is grainy due to high ISO. Also the second picture is a dud on my part since I didn’t wear my glasses and just guessed the correct focus, which wasn’t right. I’m including it because he is so cute there I could die.

Warning: doggie too cute to resist!

*To those who are not from the Philippines, Tondo is a district within Manila and doesn’t really have a monarchy. Asiong Salonga can be found here.

Scotch Bottle Genie

This was a big surprise for me yesterday. The photo below is the Popular Votes pick for Digital Photography Plus’ monthly photo challenge for July. I didn’t win anything, just bragging rights. To those who voted for my entry, thank you very, very much. I am very honored. I aim to be better at photography and I hope that you enjoy more of my work in the future.

I took the shot by leaning a rectangular mirror which is almost the same size as the body of the bottle and set my Nikkor 50mm to F1.8. My shutter speed was 1/15 to compensate for my ISO which was just at 800 since I didn’t want the pic to be grainy. Then it was just a matter of angling and posturing for the best possible shot. No other contrived lights were used except my room’s not-so-effective-for-photography overhead one. I must have taken at least 20 shots to get this, but it was worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Views: Puerto Galera

Our company trip to Puerto Galera was our last hurrah for summer before the Philippine Rainy Season. Awesomely, our day back was the day when the season officially started according to the PAGASA weather station. Good for us since it meant it didn’t rain while we were there, bad news for us because the waters were turbulent on the way back to Batangas port and I felt pukey all the way back to the metro. Of course I took advantage of the awesome weather while we were there and took some shots. It is a beautiful place. I didn’t want to leave; I felt that I could stay there forever.

For landscape shots, if you’d like to see them up close just click on the image.

Batangas Port

Lucas Cucina Italiana, which serves a mean Pasta Marinara

At Dinner




“Get your own shady spot, this one’s taken.”


Last look

1 Wedding and a Funeral of Old Ideas

Saturday, July 7 was my sister’s wedding. I’ve previously written about it in a post on my old blog. It was a beautiful wedding. My sister was radiant; she was wearing this beautiful chic champagne colored mermaid gown, (see sister & gown in previous post) and as she was walking towards the altar holding on my mother’s arm while The Corrs’ “Runaway” played in the background, the groom cried. Good thing someone near us had tissue, or our mascaras would have ran like they were being chased by zombies!

The wedding being a learning experience was the furthest thing I expected.

Within the confines of my environment the modern relationships I’ve seen haven’t really been encouraging. I have to say that a part of me was worried and those were because of my own fears: What if they fall out of love? What if they’re unhappy? What if they find out that they’re not suited for each other?

Seeing people get married, cheat or separate before their kid enters kindergarten and go into separate relationships with other people have made me wary. It’s not that I accept that marriage is something that is temporary, it’s that I know that some view it as such. Marriage I see as this endurance marathon to the end, and you do not want to be stuck with someone who’ll take the path of least resistance and give up while you try to put everything into it to make it work. With that in mind, how sure are you that the person you’ve chosen will go the distance? It is the merging of two people into one, and two individuals do not necessarily have the same ideas.

At the beginning of their relationship, I didn’t know my brother-in-law that well. I saw him as this quiet person who didn’t seem to be interested in talking to us. And you do not trust people you do not know. It was only when their wedding date was getting nearer that I knew him to be funny, smart and witty. And that he loved my sister so much.

As my sister was walking down that aisle I realized: All that is needed is trust. Trust in the person that you love. Trust in yourself that your trust in this person, no matter what others say or think, is right.

My brother-in-law said during his reception speech that his wedding day was the best day of his life, and I love him for that.

Congratulations to the newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Go!

50mm Challenge: Bridal Suite

Last July 7, 2012, my sister Jenni and her fiance Sef took each other to be husband and wife. These are the pictures I took while the female wedding entourage were getting prepped in the bridal suite. I used my Nikon D90 and a 50mm F1.8 NIkkor lens.

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